Time Recommendations

Initial and subsequent tanning time recommendations are a complicated aspect of our job. Not every client has the same skin type or tans in the same way! We want you to achieve your desired tan as quickly as possible! But, without the risk of over-exposure.

The following are some reasons why time recommendations may vary from one facility to another:

  • Different type of equipment (high-pressure vs low-pressure)
  • Different type of lamps (more or less UVB)
  • Different type of lamps (more or less wattage)
  • Maximum exposure schedule (i.e, 12 minutes vs 20 minutes)
  • New lamps

The FDA has strict rules/guidelines for each type of tanning equipment. The initial time recommendations (provided by the manufacturer) are required by the FDA to be displayed on each tanning bed. Typically, these time recommendations are for someone who has never tanned before. However, they are a starting point for giving an initial time recommendation for anyone - even if he/she has been tanning regularly in the last 30-60 days.

We really do want you to achieve your desired tan as quickly as possible. That is why we ask questions about your tanning history. Knowing your history - the last time you tanned, the type of bed you regularly use, etc... - helps us make an educated time recommendation. Your tanning history is just as important as a skin type analysis.

Note: knowing your tanning history will also help us determine which type of tanning equipment we have that will be best for you and your tanning goals!

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