Tanning Tips

General Tips:

  • Use shower gels: Regular use of harsh soaps can shorten the life of your tan. The essential oils from your skin form a moisture lock, when these oils are depleted they leave tanned skin cells vulnerable to be washed away or lightened. Shower gels with less alkaline pH levels are less likely to strip natural oils from the skin.
  • Exfoliate: Use a loofah or puff with an exfoliator containing micro-beads prior to tanning at least once a week.
  • Do not tan in the sun prior to your session to prevent burning. Exposure time and lotion: Our certified staff will help determine the best exposure time and offer a personalized recommendation for lotion. Using a lotion is essential because it provides the moisture and nourishment needed to prime skin for a healthy tan. Lotions also contain ingredients that will allow you to get accelerated results from each session.
  • Limit tanning to 3-4 times a week: To determine how often you should tan take into account your skin type and tanning goals.

Once you arrive:

  • Apply SPF to lips: Lips contain no melanocytes, so they are unable to protect themselves. We recommend that clients use a SPF lip balm prior to tanning sessions to prevent burning and damage to the lips. Also, UV can aggravate cold sores, so if you have a history of cold sores SPF for lips is vital.
  • Apply lotion: Keeping skin moist is essential to the production and maintenance of your tan. In addition to providing moisture, lotions will help your body produce a tan more quickly and you will get more color out of every session. Apply lotions liberally, paying special attention to dry areas, such as shaved legs. If you are using a lotion with a bronzer, use provided baby wipes to wipe off excess on hand and between fingers to prevent staining. Do not use any tingle products on face.
  • Protect sensitive areas: Some parts of our body receive less exposure to sunlight than others. For the first session or two, you may want to cover these areas and gradually introduce them to UV light. Also, if you have any areas that have not been recently exposed to UV light you may want to either apply a light sunscreen or cover the area(s) with a towel for part of the session. Finally, if you have tattoos or forming scars you should protect them. We carry SPF 15 and 30, special tattoo protective balm sticks, and SPF lip balms for this purpose.
  • Protect your nails and toes: UV light can cause a yellowing of the top coat (clear color) of your salon nails and toes. There are some products that can be applied over your clear coat - called UV protector. But, over time those products can still allow UV light to affect the outer color of your nails. Nail Savers - plastic covers that slip over your nails and toes - are a better way to insure your nails and toes stay beautiful!
  • Protect your hair: UV light can dry your hair as well as lighten it. Always cover your hair especially if you color it. Sun-caps are available for purchase - or cover your hair with a towel.

After you leave:

  • Apply moisturizer: We recommend using an after-tan moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and extend the life of your tan.
  • Avoid over-exposure: Refrain from spending any extended amount of time in the sun after sessions. Remember, a UV session is like a full day of sun.

Avoiding tan lines:

  • Armpits: If you find you are white under your arms, try putting arms over your head for half of your session.
  • Buttocks: Try lifting your legs (one at a time) in classic sunbathing position for half of your session.
  • Pressure Points: Pressure points can develop under your shoulder blades or on your tailbone as a result of lack of blood flow to these areas when your are lying down. To eliminate these points, reposition your body frequently during your session.
  • Chin: This can be caused by tilting your head down during the session. Use the thick part of the pillow under your neck so that your head is tilted slightly backward during your session, exposing your neck.
  • Eyes: Do not consider tanning without eye-wear. If you are having problems with goggle lines, try using winkease or sunsets. Moving eye-wear around during the session will also help blur any lines that may occur.

Avoid mistakes:

  • Use eye-wear: The skin of your eyelid is very thin and UV light readily passes through it. A towel does not provide adequate protection. UV light is damaging to the eye if proper eyewear is not worn.
  • Remove makeup: If your makeup contains any SPF it is best to remove it or you may not tan evenly.
  • Do not use outdoor lotions indoors: Outdoor lotions typically contain SPF, which is not conducive to indoor tanning. Using an outdoor lotion will essentially negate your session.
  • Do not burn first: Do not make the mistake of thinking you have to burn before you tan. UV damage can actually slow your tanning process and has no effect on the production of a tan.

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