Sunscreen helps to protect the skin from burning, while allowing you the benefits of sunrays. Sunrays don't just tan the skin, but helps the body to produce vitamin D as well, which is important to muscles, bones and nerves. Even people with highly sensitive skin, those who have skin type I, should be able to wear enough sunscreen and still get the benefits of being out in the sun.

Should you wear Sunscreen every day?

Sunscreen is an important product for outdoor sun care and sunburn prevention. But using sunscreen appropriately is equally as important. Sunscreen is a chemical-based product like cough syrup — you use it only when you need it. Cough syrup is used when you are suppressing a cold, but daily use would be silly. Likewise, sunscreen should only be used when sunburn is possible.

The professional tanning community today teaches proper sunscreen usage as part of a total skin care regimen. Sunscreen should be used to prevent sunburn – period. Using sunscreen every day, even when sunburn isn't possible, isn't a good idea for several reasons. For one, sunscreen blocks your body's ability to produce vitamin D, one of the most important hormones in your body. Plus, the chemicals found in most sunscreen products don't just sit on top of your skin. These chemicals penetrate beyond your skin and gets into your body and bloodstream.

What about wearing Sunscreen while tanning indoors?

Using Sunscreen while tanning indoors isn't necessary. But, for some tanners it can help prevent over-exposure on the most sensitive areas - face, chest, arm-pit, and butt. Sunscreen with SPF of 8 or 15 can work wonders and we often recommend using sunscreen on sensitive areas for our Skin Type 2 and some Skin Type 3 tanners.

Should I wear Sunscreen after I have developed my base tan?

Absolutely! The UV we receive from the sun can be slightly different than what you get from an indoor tanning bed. This slight difference could result in slight sunburn even if you have been tanning indoors for weeks/months. We highly recommend using SPF 8, 15, or 30 sunscreen the first couple days you are outdoors especially on your sensitive areas.

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