Tanning 101: Building a Tan, Not a Burn

It's that time of the year again! I'm ready to trade those pesky winter blues for a perfectly bronzed glow – aren't you!? But just like trying to shed those winter pounds, building the perfect tan takes time and consistency … plus a knowledgeable Tanning Consultant.

Have you ever overdone a workout, then felt so sore the next day that you were discouraged from returning to the gym? Building your tan is the same! Hawaiian TanFastic knows that if you get burned during a tanning session, you're often not likely to return. This is why the Tanning Consultants are committed to talking with every client about his or her specific results.

What makes tanning a little easier to understand than working out is there are just two main fundamentals to understand, and that is the two types of light:

  • UVA light will help turn you into a bronze beauty in less time
  • UVB is the reddening ray, a slower way to becoming a bronzed beauty

To determine how long you should tan, your Tanning Consultant will look at your:

  • Skin-typing chart
  • Up-to-date tan time chart
  • Prior tanning history
  • How your skin tans in the sunlight

Your Tanning Consultant will recommend:

  • A spectrum of tanning time that should work well for you, for example 5-7 minutes
  • Adjusting the times whenever you're upgrading or downgrading or the tanning units have been relamped

Did You Know?

Our Level 1 and 2 sunbeds have higher concentrations of UVB light, which can produce reddening when you're overexposed. Although the Level 3-5 sunbeds contain mostly UVA light, they still have enough UVB rays to cause sunburn. So be bright and use controlled tan times when switching up equipment!

Happy Tanning!


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