Protect your Nails and Toes

Protect expensive nail treatments from discoloring and damage from UV rays with these quick and efficient NAILSavers. Barrier creams and topcoats are not 100% effective protection against sunless tanning sprays or UV rays in the tanning bed. NAILSavers guarantee complete protection from embarrassing stains on fingernails and cuticles, protecting not only the top side of the nail but underneath it as well. Reusable NAILSavers are quick, efficient and easy to apply and remove, no mess and no complications.

Made with soft PVC vinyl as opposed to latex, these run no risk of allergic reactions and is impregnated with UV inhibitors. They are reusable throughout their lifetime, which could mean several years of use. The pliable flat grip design fits most fingertips, but sizing hints are included in the directions on the bag if needed.

It is recommended to dry nail treatments a minimum of 6 hours previous to tanning to ensure the treatment is completely dry before wearing NAILSavers.

Note: ToeSavers are available too to help protect your precious toes!

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