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Looking for a deeper, darker, longer lasting tan with maximum skin care? The tanning consultants at Hawaiian TanFastic know that maximum tanning results combined with outstanding skin care can be achieved with breakthrough tanning products from our featured tanning products partners. High quality indoor tanning intensifiers and bronzers magnify the tanning process allowing you to get a longer lasting golden bronze tan in less time while also providing maximum skin care through intense moisturizers and skin conditioners.

Our primary line of lotions is made by Designer Skin. We also carry skin conditioning products by Supre - Hempz Moisturizer, Hempz Body Butter, Hempz Shower Gel. Other brands we carry from time to time include (but not limited to) - Australian Gold, California Tan, Sweedish Beauty, and Fiesta Sun.

Our trained tanning consultants are ready to help you reach your tanning potential! We want to help you choose one that's just right for your skin type AND your budget!

Commonly Asked Questions:

Do I really need to use a lotion? The use of indoor tanning lotions will provide the three essentials of effective tanning: hydration, nutrition, and oxygenation. Skin must be hydrated to reach and maintain the desired tan. Dry, neglected skin reflects UV light and exfoliates much faster. Vitamins replenish necessary nutrition to skin cells, promoting cell regeneration and oxygenation. Oxygen fuels skin cell functions, thereby accelerating the tanning process.

What makes an accelerator tan you faster?

Most all tanning lotions would be considered an accelerator. An accelerator lotion is any lotion that helps you achieve your golden color quickly. Some accelerator lotions contain ingredients that stimulate melanin production, such as Tyrosine, which will give you the most out of every tanning session. The indoor tanning lotions that we offer help your skin to absorb UV light as well as fight free-radical damage and fine lines. Our lotions contain high quality ingredients, vitamins, and nutrients that are needed for healthy skin. REMEMBER - healthy skin tans faster, tans darker, and stays tan longer.

What's a Bronzer?

Tanning products that contain bronzing agents are also very popular. These special ingredients deliver a colored appearance to the skin for an instant temporary tan. A bronzing lotion can either contain a temporary bronze tint that can be washed off with soap and water or it contains a small percentage of DHA (Dihydroxyacetone). DHA is a widely used self-tanning ingredient that causes the skin to brown on the surface mimicking a natural tan that will last for 3-5 days. Bronzing lotions have come a long way in recent years. Manufacturers are constantly developing awesome products to help you reach your tanning potential. Gone are the lotions that left you orange and spotty.

More about Bronzers. MYTH OR TRUTH: BRONZERS

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between natural bronzers and DHA bronzers?

There are two main categories of bronzers: natural and DHA.

Natural bronzers provide immediate results without streaking or staining. They typically include ingredients such as walnut shell extract, fig and henna.

DHA bronzers contain DHA (dihydroxyacetone), a colorless tanning ingredient. DHA is a sugar-based ingredient that reacts with the skin’s proteins to produce a delayed natural bronze color. DHA bronzers must be exposed to the air to develop color through an oxidation process. They produce noticeable results in 2-3 hours and complete results after a 24-hour period.

Myth: The darker the color of the lotion means the darker the bronzer is.

Truth: All DHA bronzers are colorless and you have to wait for the oxidation process of 2-4 hours to see color.

Myth: If you have a fair complexion, you should not use bronzers.

Truth: Bronzers are designed for people with fair complexions, those who have trouble tanning, or anyone who needs fast results! Bronzers are great for all those who want an extra boost in color.

Myth: You can Double-Dip if you use white DHA bronzers.

Truth: When combining UV tanning and sunless tanning, we recommend you don’t use tanning lotions with DHA, whether the bronzing lotion is tinted or white. Our skin only has so many proteins for the DHA to bond with, so if DHA is absorbed during tanning, you won’t get the full color from the sunless session.

Myth: Bronzers are the best lotions available.

Truth: The best lotion is the one that is best for your individual needs. It’s important to talk to a Tanning Consultant about your skin routine and your goals.

Myth: Bronzers streak and turn your hands orange.

Truth: Natural bronzers are designed to minimize streaking. However, it’s extremely important to properly apply intense DHA bronzing products. Rub the product on in circular motions, and then make sure to wipe or wash your hands afterward.

Myth: You can shower right after tanning with a bronzer.

Truth: With DHA bronzers, you must wait 2-3 hours for the oxidation process to occur. If you shower in this time frame, you’ll interrupt the process and your color won’t develop. If you want a color boost but need to be able to shower right away, natural bronzers would be the best choice.

What is TINGLE lotion?

Tingle and Hot lotions stimulate and increase microcirculation of the skin for greater tanning results. The ingredients in this type of tanning lotion causes blood vessels in the skin to open, resulting in increased blood flow. The more oxygen your skin gets during tanning the better your results. This oxygenation also aids in the delivery of required nutrients throughout the skin, speeding up the skin's natural growth and maintenance processes.

The reddening and warming effects produced by this type of lotion are a result of the increase in blood flow, similar to the flush you feel when your body's blood flow rises as you begin exercising. It is a temporary effect and its duration will depend on the intensity of the tingle or hot action product and the sensitivity of each individual's skin. The tingle response usually starts fairly quickly after the product is applied to the skin and will last anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours.

Tingle and hot products offer the strongest tanning results and come in a range of strengths. Tingle and Hot lotions are not recommended for tanners with sensitive skin as they are likely to find the reddening and heating effects uncomfortable. It is also recommended that all tanners begin with a mild hot action product and work their way up in intensity based on their own comfort level.


MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE. Using a high quality moisturizer will help replenish the vitamins and nutrients that are lost during the tanning session, keeping your skin smooth and younger looking while helping you maintain the color that you love.

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