How to Freeze my Beach Club Membership

Yes! We offer a convenient freeze option. At anytime, you can talk to a Tanning Consultant to freeze your account immediately at no cost upfront. Just stop by any of our salons and complete a Freeze form and we will freeze your membership. When you're ready to get back to tanning, talk to a Tanning Consultant about lifting the freeze. That's it! No penalties, no new enrollments, no change of terms. You'll get right back to tanning with our Beach Club benefits just as you had before.

Note: We have a 3 month freeze limit for our 12 month membership plans, but if your reason for freezing is due to medical reasons (i.e., pregnancy) you can freeze your membership until your are ready to come back.

For any problems or questions, head over to Contact Us. We will respond in 2-3 business days.

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