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There are 100's of types of tanning beds in the market. Our equipment was selected based on a number of key factors: # of lamps, % UVA and UVB, maximum tanning time per visit, etc... Our #1 goal is to help you get your maximum tan potential in as quick as time possible without overexposure. Depending on your goals, your tanning potential, and any time constraints (1 week vs. 1+ month(s)), we will recommend a specific level of tanning bed and the best package that will save you money!

Looking forward to helping you meet and exceed your tanning needs/goals!

Level 1

Genesis Cybertech Sundash 232GF (North location)

The Genesis Cybetech Sundash 232GF is low pressure, power-house, superior sunbed. Known for it's quality base tan this bed beats most entry level tanning beds ever time. This is our favorite bed to recommend for those suntanning for a southern destination vacation.

Tech Specs

  • 32 lamps – each 100-120 watts low-pressure lamps
  • 11 – each 40 watts reflector facial lamps
  • 15 or 20 Minute Maximum Exposure Time

This tanning unit is considered an upgrade unit in most salons.

Ergoline Ambition 250 (South location)

The Ambition 250 tanning unit generates and provides a glowing base tan. The curved acrylic of the bed provides comfort while allowing UV to penetrate and tan the skin evenly. This bed may be used for those seeking to develop a base tan or those who are maintaining their already achieved color.

Tech Specs

  • 32 lamps – 100-120 watts low-pressure
  • 3 – 400 watts high-pressure facial lamps
  • 15 Minute Maximum Exposure Time

This tanning unit is considered an upgrade unit in most salons.

Level 2

Super Sundash 240G (North location)

The Super Sundash 240 immediately captivates you by this 40 bulb, 5,800 watt, deep-dish wide-body surface bed, which encircles you while you enjoy the comfort of the contoured acrylic. The combination of very high reflective (VHR) bulbs and very high output (VHO) bulbs ensures maximum tanning intensity and evenness without having to stand.

Tech Specs

  • 20 – 100-120 watt low-pressure lamps
  • 20 – 160-170 watt low pressure-lamps

The unique sun surround design enhances UV exposure while delivering one of the most comfortable tanning environments. The distinctive shape dramatically increases the usable tanning surface which allows for more even coverage along your sides and underarms.

The Super Sundash 240G is a full 20-minute session.

Ambition 300 (South location)

The Ambition 300 tanning unit is designed for the tanner who has reached a plateau and is seeking a deeper darker tan. The 40 low-pressure lamps intensify your tanning potential, creating a darker more advanced tan. The 3 high-pressure facial lamps deliver enhanced UV transmission for a deep, even facial tan. Its powerful, yet quiet fan ensures the right amount of ventilation intensity for ample cooling and comfort.

Tech Specs

  • 40 Lamps: (20) 160-170 watts low-pressure (20) 100-120 watt low-pressure
  • 3 Facial tanners – 400 watts high-pressure
  • 15 Minute Maximum Exposure Time

Level 3

Ergoline 450 (Both Loctions)

Designed and engineered by the same team that crafted the legendary Ergoline Turbo Classic 600, the Ergoline Classic 450 Turbo Power Ultra has powered its way into the North American market.

Equipped with 46 lamps, which includes (42) 170W VHR lamps and (4) 500W High Pressure facials, this bed allows you the opportunity to relax in comfort and experience total body tanning.

Tech Specs

  • 42 – 160-170 watt low-pressure lamps
  • 4 – 500 watt high-pressure facial lamps

The Ergoline 450 is a full 12-minute session.

Level 4

Ergoline Turbo Classic 600 (Both Locations)

Designed with a sleek European Mega Class style, once you experience this tanning sensation, you'll never want to go back to conventional tanning again! This Mega bed allows you the opportunity to relax in comfort and experience total body tanning.The Turbo 600 with its 50, full-length VHO-RUVA tanning lamps encapsulate the body in a field of high-powered tanning energy. As an added amenity, the VIT 2.3 High Pressure Tanning System offers 4 levels of intensity to accommodate a variety of tanning preferences. A 5-lamp UVA shoulder tanning system provides the finishing touches for the ultimate, total body tanning experience.

Tech Specs

  • 50 – 160-170 watt low-pressure lamps
  • 4 – 500 watt high-pressure facial lamps
  • 5 - UVA shoulder lamps

We have 2 versions of this bed - 12 minute (North Zanesville) or 15 minute (South Zanesville) max tanning time.

Level 5

Excellence 850 (North location)

The powerful Excellence 850 is dominating in performance which is achieved through its 20 High-pressure units in the canopy, a neck tanner, and shoulder tanner. Additional features include Temptronic climate control, voice guide, and light base body wave acrylic. The Temptronic climate control system keeps the temperature (68-86ºF) constant throughout the tanning session. Its light base Body Wave acrylic, with its double bend shape, makes tanning a truly relaxing and comfortable experience in any position. The Ergoline Excellence 850 provides the ultimate power for an intense and long-lasting tan combined with the finest in comfort features. While emitting almost all UVA rays this bed is sure to offer a totally balanced, deeper, darker, and longer lasting tan. This bed is for the most advanced tanner seeking maximum results.

Tech Specs

  • 19 – 160-170 watt low-pressure lamps
  • 20 – 520 watt VIT high-pressure lamps
  • 6 – 25 watt neck tanners
  • 7 – 25 watt shoulder tanners

12 Minute Maximum Exposure Time

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