Education and Training

Education is a central theme at Hawaiian TanFastic. We were certified before it was state mandated! Actually, Monica was on the committee that suggested that all Ohio tanning salons be required to have a certified person on the premises of their business every hour they are open for business!

Hawaiian TanFastic is proud to be a part of the International Smart Tan Network, the National Tanning and Training Institute (NTTI), and the Indoor Tanning Association (ITA). Each tanning consultant at Hawaiian TanFastic will become knowledgeable in tanning areas including the history of indoor tanning, Ultraviolet Light, minimizing health risks of tanning, tanning law, and other important facts. This comprehensive study program and testing ensures that every associate at Hawaiian TanFastic is trained and can assist you in all areas of the tanning process.

International Smart Tan

To fulfill our mission, we are aligned with the International Smart Tan Network. Dedicated to educating indoor tanning professionals and the millions of customers they serve, the International Smart Tan Network is a synergistic worldwide consortium of professional tanning facilities committed to researching and promoting the responsible, life-long skin-care regimen of moderate suntanning and sunburn avoidance. Formed in 1992, the Network today has thousands of tanning salon members and represents the industry in both media and in dealing with governmental regulators.

National Tanning and Training Institute (NTTI)

Another organization we are aligned with is The National Tanning Training Institute (NTTI). Their objective is to provide the indoor tanning industry with valuable, affordable and convenient training for tanning salon owners and operators. NTTI's mission of education is simple - to improve the professionalism and reputation of the indoor tanning industry. Similar to the International Smart Tan Network, their view is that formal training teaches salon personnel how to recommend proper exposure times for each tanner and it also helps them to understand the technical aspects of indoor tanning. NTTI is recognized in all 50 states.

Indoor Tanning Association (ITA)

Founded in 1999, the Indoor Tanning Association (ITA) represents thousands of indoor tanning manufacturers, distributors, facility owners and members from other supporting industries. The ITA was founded to protect the freedom of individuals to acquire a suntan, via natural or artificial light. Through the leadership efforts of our members, we seek to work with federal and state governments to ensure that this freedom is not restricted. The ITA also strives to strengthen and advance our position through research and education efforts that promote responsible indoor tanning and teach tanners a life-long skin care regimen.

As part of our service to the industry and the tanning public, the ITA tracks legislative developments across the country that potentially have a bearing on indoor tanning activities. In addition , the ITA has formed a Political Action Committee (PAC) to advocate on behalf of the indoor tanning industry at the federal level. Members of the ITA, member company executives and managers, and their spouses may all contribute to the ITA PAC.

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