Do Not Burn

Ever since the first tanning salon opened in the United States decades ago one of the biggest challenges for the salon owner and operators has been to debunk the myth that you must burn before you can tan. When it comes to the tanning process, moderation is and always will be the best policy.

Tanning Time Recommendation Policies

  1. We adhere to the "do not burn" philosophy. Tanning in moderation over a period of 3-4 weeks is the best way to achieve desired tan.
  2. Because our Level 1 or "regular" bed is considered an upgrade bed at other facilities in the area, our initial recommendation may be lower than what a client is used to.
  3. Our initial recommendation is based in part on the client's skin type analysis. Other considerations for the initial time recommendation include, the last time he/she tanned (inside or outside), "Farmers Tan Syndrome", usage of photosensitive agents, and type of tanning equipment the client has used in the past.
  4. When we relamp our tanning units, we will need to cut back your tanning time a few minutes.

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