How do I Cancel my Beach Club Membership

If you just need to take a break from tanning, we offer a convenient membership freeze option. At anytime, you can talk to a Tanning Consultant to freeze your account immediately at no cost upfront. If you decide to stop tanning altogether, canceling is an easy process after you've met your minimum payment requirement. Talk to a Tanning Consultant and complete a Cancel form at one of our salons to cancel your account immediately. Be sure to give us enough time (3-5 business days) to avoid incurring a final monthly charge.

Note: if you have not met your minimum payment requirement our policy is to evaluate your tanning history, how many months you have fulfilled of the payment requirement, and determine if you owe a cancellation fee or final payment.

For any problems or questions, head over to Contact Us. We will respond in 2-3 business days.

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