Tanning Policies

Like all tanning facilities, Hawaiian TanFastic has Client/customer policies. These are not meant to be restrictive but rather create a certain expectation. Exceptions to the following policies may be made for medical or emergency type situations. Other situations may also be considered when making an exception. Please stop by either of our locations to talk with someone or use the Contact Us to submit a question or ask an exception consideration. We will answer your question/request within 2-3 business days.

General Policies
  1. No appointment necessary. We do not take appointments for our Level 1 sunbeds. During busy season, we will accept appointments on our Level 2-5 sunbeds.
  2. We may ask for proof of identification.
  3. Returned check fee will be charged. We also reserve the right to suspend acceptance of checks.
  4. We will close/suspend tanning during a severe lightening storm. Free tan or upgrade will be given to any customer that is inconvenienced due to us stopping their tanning session or canceling a scheduled tanning appointment.
  5. We are not responsible for lost items - although we have a lost and found (and many items are found everyday), it is not a guarantee that a clients items will be found.
  6. We reserve the right to charge for no-shows, especially during "Busy season".
  7. No refunds - there are options if you are is unable to use your tanning package/membership – management must be contacted.
  8. Prices are subject to change.
  9. NEW 2015 State age requirement Part 1 is anyone 16-17 must have parental consent every 3 months. They are available to be signed at the salon anytime of the day – the parent does not need to be with the child but must sign the form at Hawaiian TanFastic.
  10. NEW 2015 State age requirement Part 2 is any customer under the age of 16, will require parent or legal guardian to be present at each tanning session AND sign the parental form each tanning visit.
  11. We do not provide personal customer information (i.e., address, telephone number, last tan date, etc…) to someone else. Only management has the authority to supply personal customer information to someone other than the customer.
Package Policies
  1. All packages have an expiration date. A 1 - month package is valid for 1 complete month from the start date. All other packages are valid for 1 year from start date.
  2. Reclaim policy—all expired packages (with the exception of a 1 - month) can be reactivated with a new package purchase.
  3. Packages cannot be shared.
  4. Student ID may be required.

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